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Oil Changes
- LOF Rate (Synthetic Blend): $31.00
- S-LOF Rate (FULL Synthetic Oil ): $51.00
- LOF with Tire Rotation Rate: $49.00
- S-LOF with Tire Rotation Rate: $69.00
NOTE: Prices Include Five (5) Quarts of Oil and a Spin-On Oil Filter.
- Additional Quantities of Synthetic Blend per quart: $5.55
- Additional Quantities of FULL Synthetic Oil per quart: $9.50
- Vendor May Charge $1.00 Extra for Cartridge Type Oil Filters.
IMPORTANT: FULL Synthetic Oil Change may only be performed on vehicles that require FULL Synthetic Oil as per manufacturers specifications, no exceptions.
Parts Discount
-All Parts receive 15% Discount Off List Price.
-This Discount Applies to OEM, Aftermarket and Used Mechanical/Autobody Parts.
Labor Hours
-Paint Labor Hourly Rate cannot exceed the Body Repair Hourly Labor Rate.
-Material, Paint Hours and Labor Hours should be based on Industry Recognized Flat Rate Manuals. (Review the Terms & Conditions 2019 - 2020)